Friday, May 26, 2006

Pervert too short for jail?

This story is so absurd I had to share it. The creep pictured below was sentenced to ten years of probation for child molestation because a Nebraska judge said he was too short to survive in prison.

Granted, this little guy might be a pervert, but it doesn't feel right sending a munchkin to the slammer. God forbid he get abused by someone bigger and more powerful than him like he did to the helpless child he was convicted of assaulting. He's just a little tyke, I'm sure most Americans agree with me when I say that I am glad the judge cut him some slack.

In related news, GNC manager Sanjay Hernandez (pictured below) claims that R&B sensation and pervert R. Kelly visited his store and asked for "powders to shrink my ass down."

(Hernandez: didn't have shrinking powder, but was able to sell R. Kelly some horny goatweed)


At 1:00 AM, Anonymous Kawdie said...

This is ridiculous. I wonder if Webster will quit his lucrative security guard career for a life of crime instead. Just because he can.


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